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Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Walk
Some of the children enjoyed taking part in the peppa pig muddy puddle walk to raise money for the save the children charity. The children wore their welly boots and waterproof clothing to splash in…
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Visit From The Guide Dog Association
The children loved having a visit from the Guide Dog Association, they brought along Murphy the dog who was a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever.
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Staff Training
On 12th April the nursery was closed for a staff training day, the staff travelled to weston nursery for a group training session.
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We're Hiring
We are currently looking for an inspirational and experienced room manager to lead practice within our Pre-School room at Portishead. You must hold at least a Level 3 qualification in childcare and be…
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Social Circle Time
The children have been developing their social skills through circle times, with their lead practitioners. The children have been practising good sitting, listening, and looking, singing and listening…
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What we've been up to - Jan - March
This January the children have enjoyed learning about numbers and quantities, working on one of the Prime Areas of Learning, Mathematics.
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Fun in the Sun!
Fun in the Sun!
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Cardboard Robot Making
Cardboard Robot Making
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Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt
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Working With Mike Akers
'We have recently as a nursery been doing a lot of work with Mike Akers. He has been teaching us about non verbal story telling and the values of that this has for children. We have been enjoying it…
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Mike Akyers Visit
Yesterday we had Mike Akyers come to do some non verbal story telling outside with the children. They all sat down whilst he told a story and then all the children had a go at telling their own
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February Fun
All fun and games at Honey Tree this February!
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End of January (already!) Update
As we come to the end of January (already!) we thought we would let you know what each room have been focusing on..
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Creative Story Time
Here at the Honeytree in our Preschool Room we had a Playwright/Theatre Practitioner Mike come in and work with the children on how to communicate non verbally through story telling. Mike had a big…
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10th Birthday and Garden Party
To celebrate our 10th Birthday we had a Garden Party. The party was free for all, it enabled prospective parents to come and look around the nursery as well as old and existing parents to come and…
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Wellie Throwing for Gracie
Here at the Honeytree we raised, £910.45 towards Gracie's fund for her operation. The children collected sponsor money and then everyday for a week in July the children took it in turns throwing a…
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Graduation Class of 2016
The Class of 2016 said Goodbye to Honeytree at their Graduation. All the children looked so grown up and are ready for their new adventure into School. Whilst the children were all smiles there were a…
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Wasps Nest
The nice man who came to today to remove our Wasps Nest from our Wendy House. We are hoping in a couple of days when its all clear to remove the nest fully and use it for educational purposes. 'Did…
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Den building
On Friday 17th June we invited in the Dads to help us make den's to raise money for save the children. We had lots of resources bought in by parents that helped us make some fantastic dens. Pre-School…
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Weston College Business awards 2016
On 9th June there was an awards evening at Cadbury House Hotel. The awards were for Apprentices and businesses of the year 2016. This awards ceremony was hosted by Weston College. Jay, our nursery…
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Busy Bees Caterpillars
We have had an exciting delivery of caterpillas to the Busy Bees room, over the past few weeks the children have been watching the caterpillars grow, the children have been so excited to see the…
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Outdoor fun
The children have been using the materials in the garden to create structures. They used bricks, bits of wood and planks to create structures they could sit on, balance on and walk along. They spent…
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Nursery sort out
On Saturday 23rd April all the team came in to reorganise their rooms. It was a day where everyone was singing along to their music and having a good sort out. Have a look at how their rooms look now.
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Rising Stars
We have started a new group for the children that will be going to School in September. The 'Rising Stars' group will be held weekly and is aimed at supporting the children with the transition from…
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Fly with the Bee to find The Honeytree
Look out for our newly branded vehicles. We have three out on the road. Keep a tally with your children of how many times you see them. Follow them if you are not sure how to find us. The phone…
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Babies water fun
The babies enjoyed getting wet outside and exploring the tough spot. We had set up the tough spot, some gettering, water and boats. The children loved exploring how the boats moved down the pipping…
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St David's Day
For St David's Day the Pre-school children enjoyed mark making using leeks, Jay bought in his Welsh story and read to the children in Welsh. We also had daffodils throughout the nursery.
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Busy Bees fun in the garden
Storm ' Imogen' left lots of big muddy puddles in our garden, we had so much fun jumping and splashing in them today. We also used long willow sticks to fish for crabs and sea monsters. We caught BIG…
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Join us on our learning adventure
We are now taking bookings for September 2016. We accept all childcare vouchers. We take 0-2 funding, 2 Year old funding and Nursery Education Grant funding. We have an onsite chef who is dedicated…
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Children's uniform
We now offer the option to purchase a child's uniform for nursery/preschool. These match the new staff uniforms that we will soon be getting. Go to the website below to browse the selection we have…
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Christmas closure
Please be reminded that we will be closing at 4PM on Thursday 24th December 2015. We will reopen on Monday 4th January 2016. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support this past year.…
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Christmas Party
We had our Christmas Party on 18th December. The children enjoyed playing party games, dancing and also eating party food. We had a very special visitor who came and gave all of the children a present…
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Thank you to everyone who came to the nativity. The children did such a great job and everyone enjoyed themselves. We also had biscuits and hot chocolate afterwards and they were very yummy. Well done…
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Sensory Room
We have had our sensory items delivered. We now have our sensory room set up for the children to go and use if they wish to have some quiet time. There is a selection of lights that change colour and…
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ICT Resources
The children at Honeytree have enjoyed exploring ICT resources this week. We feel that as so many families have televisions, iPad's and cameras at home that it would be good for the children to…
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Ofsted Outstanding!!
We had our most recent Ofsted inspection on the 24th August and are very proud to announce we received Outstanding in all areas!! The Inspector came in and spoke to management and parents before…
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Olympic Fever has reached Honeytree!
With the Olympics in full swing, it was the perfect opportunity to get the children to hone their fine and gross motor skills. We made the most of our outdoor spaces, setting up balancing beams for…
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Our new Reading Village
Our lovely new reading village arrived from Elizabeth Jarman this week. The concept has been designed to advocate communication friendly spaces and provide a nice, homely area where the children can…
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It was a very emotional day on Saturday 9th July as we held our preschool graduation! We hired out a local school hall and all the children wore graduation capes and beautiful home made mortar boards.…
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Water Play
Our Busy Bees have been enjoying lots of time in the garden in the nice weather recently. After putting on our suncream and sun hats, we decided to get the water tray out and use some food colouring!…
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Babies Book of the month
Babies' book of the month for June was 'In My Garden'. We had a pop up book and the children throughly enjoyed looking at all the different insects and bugs we could find outside. They did some art…
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Food Stamping
Our babies loved getting creative this week, using fruit and vegetables including carrots and celery as stamps to make lovely pictures. The children found the different types of vegetables very They…
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Helping Casey, our Chef
Our babies have been very helpful this month, assisting our Chef, Casey, with making tea. They were each given a muffin and then helped to put the toppings of tomato puree and cheese on. They…
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Preschool and the Queen
The preschool children have been very excited this month that it is the Queen's birthday and have been busy making lots of decorations to celebrate it. They have made a crown decorated with glitter…
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Training Day
5th April was one of our bi-annual training days and we were lucky enough to host it at our nursery this year. All our colleagues came up from our Weston and Bristol nurseries which was a great chance…
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Busy Bees exploring different materials
Busy Bees have had lots of fun this month discovering and exploring lots of different materals. They have been playing with rice and pasta, natural sensory objects, pinecones, corks and pebbles! They…
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Fundraising Week for Mummy's Star
From the 29th Feb to the 4th March we held a fundraising week for a charity called Mummy's Star, who support pregnant women who have cancer. This was in support of a local mum who was supporting the…
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Preschool and the Parachute
Our prechool room had lots of fun wrapping up warm to go in the garden and play with the parachute. They all held on tightly and listened to the instructions from staff whether they had to stand up or…
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Arts and Crafts in Busy Bees
Our Busy Bees have been having lots of fun throughout February, doing lots of Arts and Crafts. They have been gluing, sticking, playing with shredded paper and making stamps with fruit. They were all…
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Preschool Getting Creative
Our preschool children have been very creative this month, using mathematics, art, construction etc to stretch their imagination. They have been using their new whiteboard to create some beautiful…
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Our preschool room is complete!!
On the 4th January, after the christmas break, the preschool children came back to a beautiful new room!! The last part of our renovation, it has had new flooring, brand new furniture throughout and…
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Our Christmas Play!!!
We had our christmas play on Saturday 12th December and it went brilliantly!!! Our play was called 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney', and all the children dressed up as stars, reindeer, snowmen…
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The Christmas Post Lady
This week we have had some really exciting visits from 'The Christmas Post Lady' who has been delivering christmas cards to all the children. We have a post box outside the office that all the…
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Round and round the garden
Our Busy bees and Pre-school room have been wrapping up warm to go outside and explore our new decking in the garden. The builders have worked really hard to make us a brand new floor so our feet…
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Little Bees Activities
The children in the 2-3s room have been enjoying a range of different activities. They have been using their physical development to mark make with a variety of tools and equipment. Some of the…
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Sunshine Room Visit The Park
Today, the babies went on a trip to the local park. They had lots of fun running around in the sunshine, playing on the swings and slide and spinning around on the round-about.
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Graduation & Summer Fete
On saturday 2nd july the nursery held the pre school leavers graduation. The leavers all wore hats and capes, and had a small ceremony infront of their families. They receieve a scroll and a photo…
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Ice Play
The children in the Little Bees room have enjoyed exploring ice play. They were really interested in watching how the ice went from being a solid to being a liquid and changing back to water.
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Show and Tell Time
The pre school children have had show and tell time in the setting. they have chosen something from home to bring into the nursery and have stood up in front of their peers to talk about their item…
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Making Pizzas
The children in the pre school room have had lots of fun making their own pizzas with lucy. they used their hands and rolling pins to roll the pizza dough and make it into whichever shape they chose,…
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Roller painting with the babies
The babies have enjoyed exploring paint using their hands, paintbrushes and rollers. They use the rollers on the paper to create marks on the paper, they also have used their hands getting very messy!
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Making Teddy Biscuits
The children in little bees have had fun making their own teddy bear biscuits - when they were cooked they used icing pens and decorations to make them individual.
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Trip to the local farm
The babies enjoyed a trip to the local farm. we left nursery at to set off, we walked via the main road, listening to all the sounds and sights we could see and hear in the environment. the…
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Cooking with Lucy
The children have enjoyed doing lots of different cooking activities - making and decorating their own biscuits, fairy cakes and pizzas.
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Outdoor Classrom
The children have been using the outdoor classroom and developing their knowledge of the 'Way the world works' e.g. Feeling and Seeing gravity using the cars and tubes attached the the fence. The…
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Alternative Mark Making
To develop the use of fine motor skills and helping the 2 years old's understand the marks they can make the room have been looking at different ways in which they can encourage this. The shaving…
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Developing Independance
At the Honey tree we value the importance of the Characteristics of Effective Learning and encourage the children to develop independence in a variety of ways in order to help them become independent…
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Christmas Lunch
All the children sat down together to have their very own Christmas lunch! They spent time leading up to the event making Christmas hats for the occasion. As the children ate they socialized and…
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Light Blocks
The children in our Little Bees room have been exploring their new sensory blocks! They have found many things to do with them including stacking and balancing and looking at the colours they reflect…
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