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This month we have been carrying on the theme of Christmas and the children have been getting very excited about a certain visit on the 24th December! We celebrated Christmas Jumper day and raised lots of money for Save the Children. We have been decorating our rooms, writing Christmas lists and making special treats for our families. We have read lots of stories about Christmas and this special time of year and have been singing lots of Christmas carols especially in Pre-school and our Busy Bee's room in preparation for our nativity.

This month we have been very busy at Honeytree in Portishead. We started the month with bonfire night where each of the rooms experimented and explored with different textures and paint to create firework pictures. We then talked about remembrance day and made poppy pictures and tissues paper wreaths. We also raised money for Children in Need by wearing spotty clothes and throughout the day we made spotty pictures. After all of that we then started to get ready for the big day next month. The rooms have been busy making decorations and decorating the rooms. In pre-school we have been waiting for a special visitor to arrive. We received a special door and a letter explaining what we had to do. We placed the door down and waited. On Friday 1st December our visitor arrived, we named our elf 'Inny' and he gave us a letter from Santa. It told us that every night he would return to the North Pole and let Santa know how good we have been and that he would return each day in a different place around the nursery. Follow Inny and his adventures on our facebook page throughout the month

We celebrated Halloween in a big way at Honeytree Portishead this year. We had an amazing party with lots of spooky games and activities for us all to get involved with. We listened to stories about Halloween

and had a Halloween themed tea.

This month we were lucky enough to have an Early Learning Fire Safety box. We were all very excited when it arrived and since we have been trying on the uniforms, learning about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire.

We have also been learning some yoga positions and using them in our daily routine to help us relax and stay calm. Yoga helps our muscle strength, confidence and helps develop our concentration skills.

This month at our nursery we were luck enough to have a visit from the RNLI. They brought some friends with them to talk about beach safety and how to stay safe in the sun. They explained to Pre-School and Busy Bee children the safe places to swim in the see and that they need to stay covered up and hydrated in the sunshine.

Pre-School Class of 2017

What a lovely graduation we all had on Saturday 15th July. The children all collected their scrolls off their key workers and then preformed the banana song and the Honeytree goodbye song. It was a very emotional morning but a proud moment for all of our school leaver’s, it was a time to celebrate all of the children's achievements throughout their time at Honeytree.

The day when Bookstart Bear came to visit Preschool

On Wednesday our school leavers had a very special visitor come and see them. Bookstart Bear came into see our children and to hand out a special present. Each of our school leavers received a book pack from him, which included a book and some fun activities for them to complete at home. Bookstart Bear wants everyone to enjoy reading and so hands these packs out every year to the children who are leaving and going to school.He even came and popped into the office for a quick photo.

Breakfast with Daddy

The Honeytree Portishead enjoyed a beautiful morning in the sun with their Daddy’s. The Dad’s enjoyed their bacon sandwiches cooked by the lovely Jackie and Casey and the children had great fun showing their Dad’s and Grandad’s their favourite activities!

Gardening with Grandparents

In May, we invited our grandparents in to help us with our garden. We had a variety of plants and seeds to put into different sized pots and the children chose which ones they wanted to plant. We had lots of grandparents come to this even and we want to say a big thank you to all of them for helping us make our garden look beautiful.

Wow, what a busy November
We have had a busy November with bonfire night, poppy day, children in need and getting ready for Christmas.
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Visit From The Guide Dog Association
The children loved having a visit from the Guide Dog Association, they brought along Murphy the dog who was a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever.
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We're Hiring
We are currently looking for an inspirational and experienced room manager to lead practice within our Pre-School room at Portishead. You must hold at least a Level 3 qualification in childcare and be…
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What we've been up to - Jan - March
This January the children have enjoyed learning about numbers and quantities, working on one of the Prime Areas of Learning, Mathematics.
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ICT Resources
The children at Honeytree have enjoyed exploring ICT resources this week. We feel that as so many families have televisions, iPad's and cameras at home that it would be good for the children to…
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Ofsted Outstanding!!
We had our most recent Ofsted inspection on the 24th August and are very proud to announce we received Outstanding in all areas!! The Inspector came in and spoke to management and parents before…
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Olympic Fever has reached Honeytree!
With the Olympics in full swing, it was the perfect opportunity to get the children to hone their fine and gross motor skills. We made the most of our outdoor spaces, setting up balancing beams for…
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Our new Reading Village
Our lovely new reading village arrived from Elizabeth Jarman this week. The concept has been designed to advocate communication friendly spaces and provide a nice, homely area where the children can…
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It was a very emotional day on Saturday 9th July as we held our preschool graduation! We hired out a local school hall and all the children wore graduation capes and beautiful home made mortar boards.…
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Water Play
Our Busy Bees have been enjoying lots of time in the garden in the nice weather recently. After putting on our suncream and sun hats, we decided to get the water tray out and use some food colouring!…
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Babies Book of the month
Babies' book of the month for June was 'In My Garden'. We had a pop up book and the children throughly enjoyed looking at all the different insects and bugs we could find outside. They did some art…
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Food Stamping
Our babies loved getting creative this week, using fruit and vegetables including carrots and celery as stamps to make lovely pictures. The children found the different types of vegetables very They…
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Helping Casey, our Chef
Our babies have been very helpful this month, assisting our Chef, Casey, with making tea. They were each given a muffin and then helped to put the toppings of tomato puree and cheese on. They…
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Preschool and the Queen
The preschool children have been very excited this month that it is the Queen's birthday and have been busy making lots of decorations to celebrate it. They have made a crown decorated with glitter…
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Training Day
5th April was one of our bi-annual training days and we were lucky enough to host it at our nursery this year. All our colleagues came up from our Weston and Bristol nurseries which was a great chance…
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Busy Bees exploring different materials
Busy Bees have had lots of fun this month discovering and exploring lots of different materals. They have been playing with rice and pasta, natural sensory objects, pinecones, corks and pebbles! They…
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Fundraising Week for Mummy's Star
From the 29th Feb to the 4th March we held a fundraising week for a charity called Mummy's Star, who support pregnant women who have cancer. This was in support of a local mum who was supporting the…
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Preschool and the Parachute
Our prechool room had lots of fun wrapping up warm to go in the garden and play with the parachute. They all held on tightly and listened to the instructions from staff whether they had to stand up or…
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Arts and Crafts in Busy Bees
Our Busy Bees have been having lots of fun throughout February, doing lots of Arts and Crafts. They have been gluing, sticking, playing with shredded paper and making stamps with fruit. They were all…
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Preschool Getting Creative
Our preschool children have been very creative this month, using mathematics, art, construction etc to stretch their imagination. They have been using their new whiteboard to create some beautiful…
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Our preschool room is complete!!
On the 4th January, after the christmas break, the preschool children came back to a beautiful new room!! The last part of our renovation, it has had new flooring, brand new furniture throughout and…
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Our Christmas Play!!!
We had our christmas play on Saturday 12th December and it went brilliantly!!! Our play was called 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney', and all the children dressed up as stars, reindeer, snowmen…
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The Christmas Post Lady
This week we have had some really exciting visits from 'The Christmas Post Lady' who has been delivering christmas cards to all the children. We have a post box outside the office that all the…
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Round and round the garden
Our Busy bees and Pre-school room have been wrapping up warm to go outside and explore our new decking in the garden. The builders have worked really hard to make us a brand new floor so our feet…
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