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Working hard or hardly working?

One of the babies had a visit to the office and helped our finance manager with her paperwork.

World Book Day!

Even though the snow meant we had to close at 1pm on World Book Day we had a wonderful morning, and an amazing effort was made by both staff and children. Well done everyone! We love books at Honeytree!

My day is not complete, if I don't tell you I love you

Some children from holiday club and some children from our Preschool room, headed over to the hospital to spread some love. The nursery have been making Valentine's cards for the last few weeks, and these were given out to visitors and patients. We are very proud of our little cupids.

I love you little monster!

Baby room's book of the month is 'I love you little monster' and they have been painting their own lovely little monsters, playing with monsters slime and monster jelly!

Ladybird's Emergency Services Month!

This month the Ladybird's have been learning all about the emergency services. They have looked at ambulances, the fire brigade and the police force. There was a crime which the children solved, they've been treating all the staff members for illness and tested the fire alarms with the fire officer Abi!

Love is in the air

Our babies really enjoy dancing with each other and spreading the love!

Making Valentines cards

The Ladybird's having be making valentines cards ready to give to the hospital next month.

Making fruit salad!

Preschool helped our Chef Kirsty cut up some fruit and make fruit salad for the whole nursery for lunch time!

Holiday Club Christmas Trip

Holiday club went on a magical trip on the bus to visit Santa, then they went to Costa for some yummy snacks.

Crafty Christmas!

Everyone has been busy making Christmas cards to send to the hospital along with the mountain of gifts we have collected! Here are our term time only Preschool doing a great job!

Christmas Nativity!

We had a wonderful time at the Nativity and we hope all of the parents and children did too. We heard so amazing singing and saw some lovely acting. Well done everyone! A great start to the holiday season.

Hovis the Hedgehog!

Busy Bee's book this month has been Hovis the Hedgehog! The children decorated their own hedgehog's using bark and leaves that they found in the garden.

Splashing time!

Baby room have been exploring the water tray inside with things they have found in the garden. Some children then added their own things to the water tray, including themselves.

Wheels Keep Turning!

All year round Preschool's theme this month has been transport! They have been exploring different items that float and sink in their new water tray and made their own bottle top boats!

Halloween themed sensory play

Babies have been getting sticky again! This time with bugs in shaving foam and lots of other lovely things.

Halloween time!

Lots of staff and children dressed up to celebrate Halloween!

Scary spiders!

Preschool have been embracing Halloween and using tweezers to help the spiders find their way out of this sticky spider web. They then used the spiders to help them with their painting.

Spooky Painting in Preschool

All of the children love painting, Preschool have been using some Halloween colours to create some interesting and spooky pictures. Getting a little messy in the process!

Autumn time

The weather is getting colder but this doesn't stop the children in the garden having a great time.

Creepy Pasta

Baby room have been exploring some halloween themed pasta. Although it's only food colouring, it's probably not that tasty.

Creative ideas in Preschool

Preschool have been exploring different things and textures to print with. They used some already made printing blocks with different patterns on, and some every day items like forks!

Bubble fun!

We recently got a brand new push along bubble machine. Lots of the older children have enjoyed this and today the baby room had a turn. They love pushing it along and seeing the bubbles fly from the dragonflies mouth. They also enjoy watching and chasing them around the garden.

Nursery Rhyme Day!

All the staff dressed up as some nursery rhyme characters and planned some fun nursery rhyme activities. Preschool have been exploring porridge and feeding the animals from Old Mcdonald's Farm, and using tissue paper to build the three little pigs houses. Busy Bees have been making incy wincy spider hand prints and decorating humpty dumpty eggs. And Babies have been trying to keep the curds and way away from the spider (Although I think they've been eating it themselves.)

Gardening with Grandparents!

We had a wonderful time with Grandparents, Parents and Siblings visiting the nursery for our Gardening with Grandparents day. We planted, repotted and painted. Thank you for all of your support and attendance to our events. The children always have an amazing time.

Beach Buddies!

Our Portishead branch recommended that we have a very exciting visit from the Beach Buddies! Members of the RNLI Education Team gave us an excellent puppet show all about beach safety. And the 'MAN IN THERE' was one of our beautiful children's Grandad. How special!

Remember! Always know where your grown up is, and always know where your child is.

Who has eaten my porridge?

Preschool enjoyed playing with porridge! They have been interested in porridge as that's what they have been making and feeding their pet snails. They used different tools and even some animals to explore this gloopy mess!

The tiger came to tea!

Baby room have been doing more fun Tiger Who Came to Tea activities. This time they made some yummy scrummy chocolate corn flake cakes.

Big feet art!

Preschool have been very busy making big art! They put paper all over the floor and painted the bottom of their feet to make foot prints everywhere!

Brr! It's cold in here!

Busy Bees froze some animals in ice! And then used a number of tools to try and free the poor animals.

Our 'Elfs' box!

We have borrowed an 'Elfs' (Early Learning Fire Safety) box from Weston-Super-Mare's Avon Fire and Rescue for a few weeks. The box contains lots of adult led games about fire safety, books and some fun toys and costumes. Here are some of the children already enjoying the contents of the box.

Who ate the playdough?

Preschool made some marshmallow playdough, which is completely edible. They mixed together some ingredients and chose to add some pink food colouring. They then got sticky playing with the playdough, and I'm sure, sneakily ate some.

The great frog escape!

Our rabbit Gizmo had a little visitor, Freddie the Frog. Freddie then went to visit Preschool and made a run for it, into our box of toy animals! Don't worry, Freddie is safely back in the garden now.

They're grrrrreat!

The Butterflies theme this month, August, is all things tigers. They have been painting on orange paper using black paint to make stripes and drawing with orange chalk on black paper.

Snailed it!

Preschool have some new pets. Some wonderful garden snails. They found things in the garden to make a home for the snails, did some research on what they eat and built a little house from lollipop sticks. Then they made their own snails from pegs and their own snail trails using glue and glitter.

Pompom painting in Busy Bees!

The Busy Bees have been exploring painting with different items. They used pompoms and tweezers to make some interesting patterns. Can't wait to see what's next.

Butterflies Messy Play

The baby room have been having lots of fun and getting very messy with various activities, including painting with frozen paint, exploring different coloured tea bags and getting shaving foam everywhere.

Butterflies Garden Time

As the weather has become warmer, the children in Butterflies have been exploring powder paints in the garden. They have enjoyed using various objects to explore these paints, and enjoyed sitting in the tough spot, getting very wet. The Children also enjoyed eating their picnic tea in the garden too.

Working With Mike Akers
'We have recently as a nursery been doing a lot of work with Mike Akers. He has been teaching us about non verbal story telling and the values of that this has for children. We have been enjoying it…
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Mike Akyers Visit
Yesterday we had Mike Akyers come to do some non verbal story telling outside with the children. They all sat down whilst he told a story and then all the children had a go at telling their own
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Cardboard Robot Making
Cardboard Robot Making
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Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt
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Fun in the Sun!
Fun in the Sun!
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February Fun
All fun and games at Honey Tree this February!
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End of January (already!) Update
As we come to the end of January (already!) we thought we would let you know what each room have been focusing on..
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Creative Story Time
Here at the Honeytree in our Preschool Room we had a Playwright/Theatre Practitioner Mike come in and work with the children on how to communicate non verbally through story telling. Mike had a big…
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10th Birthday and Garden Party
To celebrate our 10th Birthday we had a Garden Party. The party was free for all, it enabled prospective parents to come and look around the nursery as well as old and existing parents to come and…
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Wellie Throwing for Gracie
Here at the Honeytree we raised, £910.45 towards Gracie's fund for her operation. The children collected sponsor money and then everyday for a week in July the children took it in turns throwing a…
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Graduation Class of 2016
The Class of 2016 said Goodbye to Honeytree at their Graduation. All the children looked so grown up and are ready for their new adventure into School. Whilst the children were all smiles there were a…
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Wasps Nest
The nice man who came to today to remove our Wasps Nest from our Wendy House. We are hoping in a couple of days when its all clear to remove the nest fully and use it for educational purposes. 'Did…
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Den building
On Friday 17th June we invited in the Dads to help us make den's to raise money for save the children. We had lots of resources bought in by parents that helped us make some fantastic dens. Pre-School…
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Weston College Business awards 2016
On 9th June there was an awards evening at Cadbury House Hotel. The awards were for Apprentices and businesses of the year 2016. This awards ceremony was hosted by Weston College. Jay, our nursery…
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Busy Bees Caterpillars
We have had an exciting delivery of caterpillas to the Busy Bees room, over the past few weeks the children have been watching the caterpillars grow, the children have been so excited to see the…
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Outdoor fun
The children have been using the materials in the garden to create structures. They used bricks, bits of wood and planks to create structures they could sit on, balance on and walk along. They spent…
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Nursery sort out
On Saturday 23rd April all the team came in to reorganise their rooms. It was a day where everyone was singing along to their music and having a good sort out. Have a look at how their rooms look now.
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Rising Stars
We have started a new group for the children that will be going to School in September. The 'Rising Stars' group will be held weekly and is aimed at supporting the children with the transition from…
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Fly with the Bee to find The Honeytree
Look out for our newly branded vehicles. We have three out on the road. Keep a tally with your children of how many times you see them. Follow them if you are not sure how to find us. The phone…
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Babies water fun
The babies enjoyed getting wet outside and exploring the tough spot. We had set up the tough spot, some gettering, water and boats. The children loved exploring how the boats moved down the pipping…
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St David's Day
For St David's Day the Pre-school children enjoyed mark making using leeks, Jay bought in his Welsh story and read to the children in Welsh. We also had daffodils throughout the nursery.
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Busy Bees fun in the garden
Storm ' Imogen' left lots of big muddy puddles in our garden, we had so much fun jumping and splashing in them today. We also used long willow sticks to fish for crabs and sea monsters. We caught BIG…
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Join us on our learning adventure
We are now taking bookings for September 2016. We accept all childcare vouchers. We take 0-2 funding, 2 Year old funding and Nursery Education Grant funding. We have an onsite chef who is dedicated…
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Children's uniform
We now offer the option to purchase a child's uniform for nursery/preschool. These match the new staff uniforms that we will soon be getting. Go to the website below to browse the selection we have…
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Christmas closure
Please be reminded that we will be closing at 4PM on Thursday 24th December 2015. We will reopen on Monday 4th January 2016. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support this past year.…
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Christmas Party
We had our Christmas Party on 18th December. The children enjoyed playing party games, dancing and also eating party food. We had a very special visitor who came and gave all of the children a present…
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Thank you to everyone who came to the nativity. The children did such a great job and everyone enjoyed themselves. We also had biscuits and hot chocolate afterwards and they were very yummy. Well done…
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Sensory Room
We have had our sensory items delivered. We now have our sensory room set up for the children to go and use if they wish to have some quiet time. There is a selection of lights that change colour and…
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