Rooms & Facilities

Sunshine Room (6 Weeks - 2 Years)

The Sunshine Room caters for the smallest children in our care, with a comforting carpeted area, low level furniture and a range of age appropriate resources we are able to provide for the differing needs of children this age.

Our toddlers are starting to become more independent and we respect this; encouraging them to start feeding themselves, exploring the environment independently but with adult support close by and by using their voices to inform us of their decisions.

From sitters, to crawlers, to standers the children are able to explore in a safe environment and learn valuable skills. We appreciate that they have a lot of energy and give adequate time for physical activity and time for rest. Children use the separate sleep area to recharge their batteries after lunch, ready for the afternoon session.

We work with parents to follow the children's routines and to ensure that they are progressing with feeding habits, physical development.

Little Bees Room (2 - 3 Years)

In Little Bees Room we allow the children to free flow between the indoors and outdoors in order to give independence and allow children to learn in an environment they like best.

We support children with feeding themselves and continue to encourage independence of this and also potty training. We use book of the month to support the children's learning; which has included messy play, exploring the outdoors, listening to stories, counting etc.

We engage the children in small group activities where they learn developmentally appropriate skills which is made interesting to them by using previous observations to inform them.

Busy Bees Room (3 - 5 Years)

This is our Preschool Room, where children are able to build upon the skills they already have, for example continuing to toilet train giving them the independence they need ready for school.

Using children's interests we teach them how to mark make using a tool correctly, how to make lasting relationships, how to solve a conflict independently, why it is important to share, how to dress themselves etc.

The children continue to free flow from the indoors to outdoors, they independently access water where they are able to pour themselves a drink as and when required, they feed themselves and are encouraged to cut their food up. We have circle time where children are asked questions about the calendar, encouraged to join in with singing, listening to a story, talk in a group situation and discuss their feelings.

Staff work with the parents/carers and each other in order to teach the children the skills needed to go onto school and be independent learners.